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Our democracy is under attack. Help us dismantle barriers to the ballot box and prepare voters to exercise their right.

LDF’s Prepared to Vote and Voting Rights Defender projects work to protect voting rights and support Black political engagement. Through advocacy, legislation, and litigation, we are fighting back.

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Democracy Defended: Findings from the 2020 Election

Despite an unprecedented series of challenges—a global pandemic, extreme weather, rampant misinformation, voter intimidation, and coordinated efforts to disenfranchise millions of voters of color—Black voters turned out in record numbers in 2020 to have their voices heard in one of our nation’s most important election years.

But let’s be clear. The election did not go smoothly. Democracy Defended captures and analyzes LDF’s election-related activities during the 2020 election season, including Prepared to Vote (PTV) and Voting Rights Defender. The report bears witness to unrelenting attempts to suppress the Black vote and documents pre-election barriers to voting; state-specific litigation; information on voter issues reported by our trained nonpartisan poll monitors and remote monitors; state and county specific advocacy PTV/VRD teams undertook to counteract the barriers and issues identified; and data related to direct voter education.

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Learn how a practice known as prison-based gerrymandering threatens the principle of “one person, one vote” and risks unfairly diluting the political power of Black and urban communities, while inflating the power of white, rural ones.

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