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Louisiana Voter Information

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Important dates

State and local elections

November 13, 2021

Every registered voter in the state can vote on four constitutional amendments!

The amendments primarily involve taxes. Learn about the amendments here:

In addition to constitutional amendments, the Nov. 13 elections include primary elections in three different categories:

  • Open Primary – Includes local races, local propositions and amendments to the state constitution.
  • Orleans Municipal-Parochial – Includes scheduled races for Orleans Parish and the city of New Orleans.
  • Special Primary – Includes elections called to fill vacancies. An election has been called to fill the vacancies for state representative of Districts 16 and 102, as well as state senator for District 27.

To learn what is on the ballot in your parish, find a sample ballot at!

December 11, 2021

Open General/Orleans Municipal Parochial General Election

Visit to find runoff sample ballots after the results of the November 13 primary elections are announced!

Our source for local elections in Louisiana came from We encourage voters to check your parish election’s website for additional information.

Know your rights

Under Louisiana law, you have a right to:

  • Vote free from intimidation, harassment, confusion, obstruction, and undue influence.
  • Vote if you are on the “inactive voters” list
  • Vote if you are in line by the time polls close.
  • Receive assistance when voting due to disability, subject to certain steps and regulations under state law. See

ID requirements

When voting in-person on Election Day, you will be asked to present one of the following forms of ID:

  • Louisiana driver’s license
  • Louisiana special ID card
  • Military ID with photo
  • Other generally recognized picture identification with name and signature

Forgot your ID?

You may be requested to sign an affidavit, provide date of birth, and other information stated in the precinct register (poll book).

Don’t have an ID?

You may still cast your vote by signature on a voter affidavit.

Report issues

Have you experienced or observed voter suppression efforts (e.g. polling place changes, voter purges, intimidation, or local practices that result in long waits to vote on Election Day)?

Report an issue

About Voting Rights Defender

LDF’s Voting Rights Defender (“VRD”) project broadens monitoring and tracking of voter suppression efforts in targeted jurisdictions months in advance of Election Day to identify as early as possible those suppression measures that warrant a responsive action.

Learn more about the Voting Rights Defender project

Our local partners

VRD will connect local partners with a resource team to combat suppressive measures using public exposure/media coverage, advocacy efforts with local actors/decisionmakers (e.g. calls, letters, petitions), and, if necessary, litigation.

Disclaimer: The information here is a resource and not legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only and not as a substitute for or supplement to the legal advice necessary to address the specific concerns of any individual. Moreover, Louisiana may revise its laws after the publication of this site. Therefore, it is your responsibility to determine how all applicable laws concerning voter registration, voting, and the restoration of voting rights in Louisiana affect you.