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Redistricting in Mississippi

Redistricting happens every 10 years right after the Census and it’s the process of redrawing district lines to determine who represents you. You have a voice in drawing these lines.

Use this information as a reference for how you can help with redistricting in Mississippi.

Congressional districts

  • Restrictions: None
  • Number of districts, 2011-2021: 4
  • Number of districts after 2020 Census: 4
  • May Governor veto? Yes
  • Districting responsibility: State legislature. Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House appoint members to a committee that must draw a plan and presents it to legislature and governor; legislature can also adopt its own plan. 
  • Self-imposed state deadlines and enforcement*: The committee must submit the recommendation to the legislature no later than 30 days before the next regular session of legislature following the publishing of the census results, unless fewer than 4 months have passed since publication. 

Legislative districts

  • Restrictions: 
    • Districts must be compact. 
    • Districts must be contiguous.
    • Districts must follow political boundaries as nearly as possible. 
  • Number of districts: 52 Senate, 122 House
  • Multimember districts? No
  • House districts nested within Senate districts? No
  • May Governor veto? No
  • Districting responsibility: State legislature or backup commission. Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House appoint members to a committee that draws a plan and presents it to legislature, which can also adopt its own plan. If no map is adopted by the end of the regular session or during a special apportionment session, the backup commission will decide the map. Mid-decade redistricting is permitted. 
  • Self-imposed state deadlines and enforcement: None

Public hearings info

No required public input, but the 2012 Mississippi Standing Joint Redistricting Committee adopted a public access policy:

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Standing Joint Congressional Redistricting Committee

Counsel: Ted Booth

Senior Operations Coordinator: Ben Collins
Address: 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211
Phone: (601) 359-3058

Redistricting 2021: We Draw The Line

You and your community have a voice in drawing these lines and a right to be involved in the map drawing process.

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