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Redistricting in Louisiana

Redistricting happens every 10 years right after the Census and it’s the process of redrawing district lines to determine who represents you. You have a voice in drawing these lines.

Use this information as a reference for how you can help with redistricting in Louisiana. 

Louisiana Redistricting Roadshow Engagement Guide

Your voice is needed to help create districts that allow Black voters to elect their candidates of choice in areas where equitable representation has never been achieved.

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Louisiana Redistricting: What to know and how to engage

Congressional districts

  • Restrictions: None
  • Number of districts, 2011-2021: 6
  • Number of districts after 2020 Census: 6
  • May Governor veto? Yes
  • Districting responsibility: State legislature
  • Self-imposed state deadlines and enforcement: None

Legislative districts

  • Restrictions: Each district should be reapportioned as equally as practicable based on the population count from the decennial census.
  • Number of districts: 39 Senate, 105 House
  • Multimember districts? No
  • House districts nested within Senate districts? No
  • May Governor veto? Yes
  • Districting responsibility: State legislature, or if the legislature fails to act, the Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Self-imposed state deadlines and enforcement*: The plan must be adopted by the end of the year after the year in which the census bureau reports the state’s population.

* Deadlines subject to change based on Census delays.

There are no specific guidelines on public input on the redistricting process in Louisiana.

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Senate & Governmental Affairs Committee

Attorney: Matthew R. Deville
Phone: (225) 342-2101
Secretary: Laur'en M. Cimino
Phone: (225) 342-9845

House Governmental Affairs Committee

Address: P.O. Box 44486, State Capitol Building 7th Floor, Baton Rouge, LA 70804 Phone: 225.342.2396 Fax: 225.342.0768
Chairman: John Stefanski
Senior Legislative Analyst: Patricia Lowrey

Redistricting 2021: We Draw The Line

You and your community have a voice in drawing these lines and a right to be involved in the map drawing process.

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